National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Conferences of interest to thermal/fluids engineers

Aerospace Testing Seminar (ATS): (Oct) hosted by Aerospace Corporation

AIAA: (Thermophysics (June) and Aerospace Sciences (January) are the most relevant for us) — highly academic in nature but usually good papers. Aerospace Sciences has been better than Thermophysics lately, in our opinion. (Thermophysics has had lots of
cancellations and less relevant papers).

ASME Heat Transfer: (July) American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Cocoa Beach Annual Conference on Composites, Materials, and Structures: (Jan) All ITAR sessions, mostly hypersonic and high-temperature materials. No Web site.

Cryocooler Conference (March/April)

Cryogenic Engineering Conference and Cryogenic Engineering Conference (CEC) / International Cryogenic Materials Conference (ICMC)

Intersociety Conference on Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems (ITHERM) (June)

Joint Army Navy NASA Air Force, JANNAF: (December: Combustion/Airbreathing Propulsion/Propulsion Systems Hazards/Modeling and Simulation Joint Subcommittee, & March: Nondestructive Evaluation/Rocket Nozzle Technology/Structures and Mechanical Behavior Joint Subcommittee)

AIAA / ICES, International Conference on Environmental Systems: (June) – usually heavily international, less academic.

SAMPE, Society For the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering: (May/Sept) Materials & processing oriented. Heavily populated with materials vendors: carbon fibers, aluminum – metal matrix, etc. Papers are not as academic, very practical.

Spacecraft Thermal Control Technology Workshop: (March) hosted by Aerospace Corporation

Space Nuclear Systems Forum (Feb 2010) and Nuclear and Emerging Technologies for Space (Feb 2011)

TFAWS: (Aug/Sept) Thermal and fluids workshop hosted by a NASA Center (hosting rotates by year), offers software training, short courses, vendor displays and paper sessions. A great way to meet others in the thermal/fluids community.