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Initial layout due June 21st

Final Layout Due July 21st

Technical Posters’ Guidesheets and Recommendations
Style Guide for Creating TFAWS Technical Posters


MSFC is inviting your electronic submittal for technical posters displaying the following thermal and fluids work by academia, corporate, or government group or individuals:

  • Analysis (including Thermal Desktop, CFD, Patran, ANSYS)
  • Testing (including ambient cycle, thermal vacuum, firing and ablation measurement)
  • Material development (including of coatings, tapes, thermal protection systems)
  • Other technical (determined on case-by-case basis)

If accepted, MSFC will high resolution print the posters, affix to backing, and provide easels for display at the August 21 – 25, 2017 TFAWS conference in the Huntsville, AL area. At least one individual contributing to each poster is requested to address questions at the poster session, currently scheduled for August 23, 2017, preceding the evening banquet. (At other times, posters will be displayed near the conference and training room areas.)

Questions on posters and electronic submittals are to be made to:

  • Questions at any time. (These can also be by telephone, 256-544-5685)
  • By June 21st, 2017, email the INITIAL layout of poster
    • PowerPoint (preferred), jpeg, .png, or .pdf file of your poster layout abiding by dimensions and other guidelines in the following sections.
    • When received, MSFC will send reply email to submitter on whether or not MSFC will accept for display at TFAWS 2017 the contents of the initial poster.
    • If accepted, expect a few iterations, with all to be completed no later than July 21st, 2017.
  • Again, email questions at any time! Then see you at TFAWS 2017 August 21 – 25, 2017!

Guidelines: Overall Dimensions, Margins, Image Resolution, Fonts, and Color Palette

  • Overall dimensions: 24” x 36”. May be portrait or landscape orientation.
  • The outer ½” is to be free of text and images. Indicate desired background color or image if not plain white or black. Background color may only extend to this margin.
  • All images must have minimum of 300 dots per inch for the size laid out on poster.
  • Although dozens of fonts and thousands of colors are available, it is recommended that for best graphical information transfer, posters should use a cohesive font and color palette (do not use many colors and fonts just for the sake of variety.)
  • Recommended font sizes are 20 to 60. Plan for text to be readable from six feet.

TFAWS 2017 Logo and Website

Logo and Website to include on poster →


Include TFAWS MSFC 2017 logo at upper right


Dimensions: at least 3”x3” image dimension and at least font size 20


Abide by margins listed in section 2.0 for placement on poster.

 TFAWS Logo w/ website


  • Include title and sufficient detail and results or interim status of your work to interest and inform viewers.
  • Mixture of images and text is desirable, abiding by resolution, font, and color palette guidelines.
  • Include name and email address of you or a designated Point of Contact for additional technical information on the work that the poster is depicting.

Mounted posters will be available for the submitters after poster session, again currently scheduled for August 23, 2017.  However, you are encouraged to wait until late on August 24 or sometime on August 25, to further show your technical work through the remainder of TFAWS 2017.  (If they are not picked up by submitters by the end of the conference on August 25, 2017, MSFC will keep them for a minimum of one year, but cannot pay for shipping to another site.)

Examples of Landscape and Portrait Posters

Poster Template – Landscape

Poster Template – Portrait

(Click on images to download .pptx files.)