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Any questions about the website, or TFAWS in general, can be directed to the TFAWS 2017 Conference Planning Committee:

2017 TFAWS Conference Chair: Callie S. McKelvey (256) 544-4013

For questions related to specific session content, please contact the responsible committee members:

Vendor Participation and Session Information: Matthew F. Cross  (256) 544-1724
Paper Submissions and Presentations: Christopher J. Evans  (256) 544-4783
Poster Submissions: Ramona O. Cummings  (256) 544-5685
Short Courses Participation: Manish Mehta  (256) 544-0076
Registration: Alicia A. Turpin  (256) 544-5396
TFAWS Banquet: Rachael E. Towle (256) 544-8991
Social Activities: Carlos F. Gomez (256) 544-4821
MSFC Site Tours: Brian F. O’Connor (256) 544-6649
Area Info: Heath T. Martin (256) 544-5993