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NASA JPL TFAWS Planning Committee


Deputy Chair

A. J. Mastropietro
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory - M/S 125-123
4800 Oak Grove Dr. Pasadena, CA  91109
Phone: 818.354.4338


Hardware Vendors

Computers & A/V

Posters/Social Events

Paper Sessions


Short Courses

Software Vendors


NASA Thermal and Fluids Analysis Workshop Steering Committee

Ames Research Center
Tom Squire
Frank Milos

Dryden Flight Research Center
Chris Kostyk

Glenn Research Center
Kathryn Shaw
Duane Beach
Lauren Clayman
Jim Yuko
George Harpster

Goddard Space Flight Center
Eric Grob
Hume Peabody

Juan Rodriguez

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Hope Norton

Johnson Space Center
Laurie Carrillo

Brian Anderson
Grant Bue
Christopher Madden
Eric Malroy
Ronal Lewis
Henry Rotter
Steven Rickman

Kennedy Space Center
Laurie Walls
Justin Oliveira
Gary O’Neil

Langley Research Center
Kaitlin Liles
Ruth Amundsen
Joe Gasbarre

Marshall Space Flight Center
Callie McKelvey
John Sharp
Alok Majumdar

Stennis Space Center
Richard Wear
David Coote



NASA Engineering Safety Center Technical Fellow Sponsors

Passive Thermal Control/Protection
NASA-only: Technical Discipline Team page
Steve Rickman

Life Support/Active Thermal
NASA-only: Technical Discipline Team page
Hank Rotter

NASA-only: Technical Discipline Team page
Dave Schuster

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