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JPL Tour
The 2 ½ hour tour begins in our auditorium with an introduction / history of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  After the introduction, the group will watch the movie "Journey to the Planets and Beyond," which gives an in-depth look at our solar system and the spacecraft that JPL has developed to explore our planets.  From here, the group visits our von Karman museum, which has interactive touch screens and samples of moon rock, meteorites, and aerogel.  Guests will also see a full scale model of Galileo, which studied Jupiter, on display.  Following the museum, groups visit either the In-Situ Laboratory or Spacecraft Assembly Facility (depending upon availability).  Lastly, the group will visit our Space Flight Operations Facility, which is our mission control room, and the central hub of our Deep Space Network.  Guests will learn about communication in space and they were able to see the area where launch / landing communications occur.  Please note that the walking distance for the JPL tour is approximately 1.0 mile with strenuous inclines and multiple flights of stairs.


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