National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center


TFAWS is a Thermal and Fluids Analysis Workshop designed to help the thermal and fluids analysts of the government, industry, and academia.

Why both novice and experienced analysts should attend:

  • For novice analysts, it is an introduction to the tools that can be used to perform their duties.
  • For the experienced analysts, it allows them to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and gives them a forum for presenting their accomplishments in the field.


TFAWS is sponsored by the NASA Engineering Safety Center (NESC)
 Aerosciences Technical Discipline Team
(Overview of the NESC Aerosciences Technical Discipline)

 Life Support / Active Thermal Control Technical Discipline Team
Overview of the NESC Active Thermal Technical Discipline

Passive Thermal Control Technical Discipline Team
Overview of the NESC Passive Thermal Technical Discipline

NASA TFAWS Delegates for Each Center

Ames: Tom Squire
Dryden: Chris Kostyk
Goddard: Eric Grob
Glenn: Ryan Edwards
Glenn: Monica Guzik
Kennedy: Gary O’Neil
Langley: Ruth Amundsen
Marshall: Callie McKelvey
Marshall: Stephen Wess
JPL: Art Avila
JSC: Laurie Carrillo
JSC: Janice Makinen
Stennis: Richard Wear