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Ames 11x11 Transonic Wind Tunnel

A model is tested in the NASA Ames 11×11 foot transonic wind tunnel.
Photo Credit: NASA Ames Research Center / Eric James

NASA Ames Research Center in Moffet Field, California was founded on December 20, 1929 by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA).  In 1958, Ames Research Center was absorbed into the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, 40 miles south of San Francisco and 12 miles north of San Jose, Ames Research Center is home to premier test facilities, including wind tunnels, flight simulators, arc jet test bays, and a 20-G centrifuge.  NASA Ames Research Center supports many of NASA’s missions, including the International Space Station, Journey to Mars, Technology, and Aeronautics.

With over 2,500 employees, NASA Ames Research Center is leveraging its Core Competencies to impact nearly every NASA mission.  Its key goals include maintaining expertise in information technology, aerospace, and aeronautics research and engineering; conducting research in space, Earth, lunar and biological sciences; developing lead status for NASA in small spacecraft missions; expanding public and private partnerships; and contributing innovative, high performance, and reliable exploration technologies

TFAWS 2016 Conference Venue

TFAWS 2016 will be held at the NASA Ames Conference Center (Building 152).  The NASA Ames Conference Center is a complete meeting venue at the NASA Research Park, contiguous to NASA Ames Research Center.  It boasts 13,000 square feet of diverse meeting space and is fully-equipped for all sizes of NASA-related meetings and special events.

Venue Details:

NASA Ames Conference Center (Building 152)
200 Dailey Rd

Mountain View, CA

Refer to the NASA Ames Conference Center website for additional information on Directions and Parking.

Entry Requirements/Security

United States Citizens or those with a valid United States-issued Driver’s License must show a valid, officially issued picture identification (or U.S. Driver’s License) at the NASA Research Park gates to enter onto the NASA Research Park, where the NASA Ames Conference Center is located.

All Foreign Nationals without a valid U.S. Driver’s License must go through badging procedures to attend TFAWS events at the NASA Ames Conference Center.  This will require that all Foreign Nationals without a valid U.S. Driver’s License must register for TFAWS on or before June 1, 2016 in order to attend.  Please be sure to indicate that you are a Foreign National requiring separate badging when you register.  Registration will open soon.  Badging procedures will be sent separately to these individuals upon receipt of their registration.

Transportation Options

The best way to travel in the south bay is in a car. Rental cars, taxis, or Uber are recommended. Here is some information that will help you decide how to get to NASA Ames and the surrounding area.

From San Francisco Airport (SFO) to NASA Ames:

Driving: 26 miles. Should take 30 minutes with light traffic. Can take an hour or more in bad traffic.

Public transit: 1hr and 30 minutes or more depending on transit schedule. See instructions below.

  1. At SFO, walk (or take AirTrain) to the BART station in the airport. See map below (click to expand).San Francisco Airport Map
  2. Take a 10 minute ride from SFO to Millbrae (Look up the BART schedule).
  3. At Miillbrae station, get off the BART, walk across to the CalTrain terminal, buy a ticket to Mountain View, and get on a Southbound CalTrain.
  4. Take a 50 minute ride on CalTrain and detrain at Mountain View Station.
  5. You are now 2 miles from Ames.
    • Walk to the corner of Castro and Villa, and take Bus number 81 to Moffett Field. (15 minute ride due to many stops along the way).
    • During morning and evening commute hours, take the NASA shuttle to the base. (May require a NASA badge.)

From San Jose Mineta international Airport (SJC) to NASA Ames:

Driving: 10 miles. Takes 15 minutes in light traffic. Can take 45 minutes in traffic.

Public transit: 1 hour to 1 hour and 20 minutes depending on transit schedule.

  1. Get on the 10 bus from SJC.
  2. 6 minute ride to the Metro Light-Rail station.
  3. Take the 902 Light-Rail to Bayshore/NASA. This is a 40 to 45 minute ride. The NASA light-rail station is just outside the Ellis Dt. gate.
  4. The conference center is a 10 minute walk from the Light-Rail station. Other NASA Ames buildings are a longer walk away.

TFAWS 2016 Hotel Information

There is no sponsored hotel for TFAWS 2016.  However, the following hotels offer excellent accommodations and location for the conference events.  Please book your rooms soon, as rooms in this area sell out quickly!

Recommended Hotels:

Hampton Inn & Suites Mountain View
390 Moffett Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043
Direct: (650) 988-0300
Distance: 1 mile

Ramada Limited Mountain View
55 Fairchild Drive
Mountain View, CA 94043
Direct: (650) 967-6856
Distance: 0.7 miles

Hilton Garden Inn Mountain View
840 E. El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040
Direct: (650) 964-1700
Distance: 2.6 miles

Additional Hotel Options:

County Inn
850 Leong Dr.
Mountain View, CA. 94043
(650) 961-1131
Distance: 1.58 miles

Larkspur Landing Executive Suites
748 N Mathilda Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 408-733-1212
Distance: 1.73 miles

Sundowner Inn
504 Ross Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA. 84089
(408) 734-9900
Distance: 1.87 miles

Best Western/ Silicon Valley Inn
600 N. Matilda Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 735-7800
Distance: 1.93 miles

Staybridge Suites Sunnyvale
900 Hamlin Ct.
Sunnyvale, CA. 94089
(408) 745-1515
Distance: 2.14 miles

Motel 6
775 N. Matilda Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA. 94086
(408) 736-4595
Distance: 1.65 miles

NASA Employees and Members of Academia (Students/Faculty)

NASA Lodge (website viewable to NASA computers only)
North Akron Building N19
Moffett Field, CA 94035
Direct: (650) 603-7101
Distance: 0 miles

NOTE:  NASA Lodge space may be full at this time.  Please consider alternate locations.  If you are unable to view the NASA Lodge website, please call them directly to reserve a room.  Some NASA Centers may be unable to access the site but are still able to stay at the Lodge.