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Hands-On Software Training Courses

Hands-On Software Training at TFAWS 2010

Hands-on software training session at TFAWS 2010

At the Thermal and Fluids Analysis Workshop, software vendors have the opportunity to provide hands-on informational training sessions to a wide audience of both experienced and first-time users across the thermal and fluids community. These sessions allow vendors to provide additional training to their existing users in a hands-on environment, while also offering first-hand access to potential new users. Classrooms for hands-on software training will include up to 20 desktop computers that will be preloaded with the necessary software according to the vendor specifications. Additional information on computer specifications and session content is available upon request.

Vendor Product Demonstrations

For vendors seeking to provide a demonstrational overview of their products, TFAWS provides the option for a lecture-style session that grants a larger audience the opportunity to hear about their products directly from the vendor. Whether it be a spotlight on an innovative new technology, an educational overview on a product line, or a demonstration of a software tool’s features and updates, these sessions make it possible for the vendor to showcase their products while allowing attendees the opportunity to learn about the existing and new products that are helping to shape the thermal and fluids disciplines.

High-Visibility Display Booths

Vendor Display Booth TFAWS 2010

Vendor Display at TFAWS 2010

TFAWS promises a centralized, high visibility location for vendors interested in highlighting their company’s thermal and fluids discipline-oriented products and applications. Display booths grant vendors the opportunity to showcase their offerings to a wide audience of attendees in an interactive and personal setting. When combined with a demonstration or hands-on training session, these booths can provide an open setting for follow-up questions and further dialogue. On their own, the booths are a great way for vendors to disseminate information about their products directly to the users themselves. Space is available at no cost to the vendor, but may book quickly, so register early!

How to Register for a Vendor Session or Booth

Vendors interested in any of the above sessions should utilize the TFAWS-2017-Vendor-Participation-Form.

Questions and further inquiries can be directed to Matthew Cross at or (256) 544-1724.

Participating Vendors

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