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TFAWS 2017 Proceedings

For a summary of the TFAWS 2017 proceedings, refer to the TFAWS 2017 Program.

Short Courses

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Active Thermal Paper Sessions

Session Chairs: 
Mark Cavanaugh,  NASA Johnson Space Center
Eric Grob, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Monica Guzik, NASA Glenn Research Center


TFAWS2017-AT-02 Paper
Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer from a Plane Surface Due to Annular Swirling Turbulent Jet Impingement
Farhana Afroz, Muhammad A.R. Sharif (The University of Alabama)

TFAWS2017-AT-03 Paper
Optimization of the Giant Magellan Telescope M1 Off-Axis Mirror Cell Thermal Control System
Damien Vanderpool R. Scott Miskovish, Parthiv Shah (ATA Engineering, Inc.)
Jeff Morgan (GMTO)
TFAWS2017-AT-04 Advanced Passive Thermal Experiment for Hybrid Heat Pipes and HiK™ Plates on board the International Space Station
Mohammed T. Ababneh, Calin Tarau, William G. Anderson, Jeffery T. Farmer (NASA-MSFC)
Stefania Ortega, Angel R. Alvarez-Hernandez (NASA JSC)
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.
TFAWS2017-AT-06 LHP Wick Fabrication via Additive Manufacturing
Bradley Richard, Devin Pellicone, William Anderson (Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.)
TFAWS2017-AT-09 2-Phase Refrigeration Thermal Management for High Altitude Balloon Platforms
Evan Racine, Ryan Edwards (NASA-GRC)
TFAWS2017-AT-10 Four Bed Molecular Sieve – Exploration (4BMS-X) Heater Design and Analysis
R. Gregory Schunk (NASA-MSFC)

TFAWS2017-AT-13 Paper
An Innovative Methodology for Error Analysis of Thermo-Fluid Systems
Frederick Ferguson , David Dodoo-Amoo, Julio Mendez, Mookesh Dhanasar (North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro)
TFAWS2017-AT-14 Two-Pendulum Model of Propellant Slosh in Europa Clipper PMD Tank
Wanyi Ng, David Benson (NASA-GSFC)

TFAWS2017-AT-15 Paper
Variable Geometry Radiator Sizing and Turndown Analysis for a Single Loop Spacecraft ATCS
Lisa Erickson, Andrew Loveless (NASA-JSC)
TFAWS2017-AT-16 Acoustic Actuation for the Enhancement of Pool Boiling and Vapor Condensation
Thomas R. Boziuk, Marc K. Smith, Ari Glezer (Georgia Institute of Technology)
TFAWS2017-AT-17 Non-toxic, High-performance Ultra-Low Temperature Fluids for Use in a Single-Loop Thermal Control System
Andrew Wagner, Ted Amundsen, J. Michael Cutbirth (Mainstream Engineering Corp.)
TFAWS2017-AT-20 Temporary Thermocouple Attachment for Thermal/Vacuum Testing at Non-Extreme Temperatures – Test Results
Sarah E. Wright, Eugene K. Ungar (NASA-JSC)
TFAWS2017-AT-21 Liquefaction Study of Gaseous Oxygen Inside Mars Ascent Vehicle Propellant Tank
Xiao-Yen Wang (NASA-GRC)

TFAWS2017-AT-22 Paper
Development of NASA’s Sample Cartridge Assembly: Summary of GEDS Design, Development Testing, and Thermal Analyses
Brian O’Connor, Deborah Hernandez, Linda Hornsby, Maria Brown, Kathryn Horton-Mullins (NASA-MSFC)

TFAWS2017-AT-23 Paper
Thermal System Design for Lunar/Martian Surface Regenerative Fuel Cell System
Ryan Gilligan (NASA-GRC/LTF)

Passive Thermal Paper Sessions

Session Chairs: 
Ryan Edwards, NASA Glenn Research Center
David Piryk, NASA Kennedy Space Center
Daniel Forgette, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

TFAWS2017-PT-01 Improved Wedgelocks for Electronics Cooling
James E. Schmidt, Jens Weyant, William G. Anderson (Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.)
Kevin Thorson (Lockheed Martin)
TFAWS2017-PT-02 Correlation of the SAGE III on ISS Thermal Models to Test and Flight Data
Ruth Amundsen, Warren Davis, Kaitlin Liles (NASA Langley Research Center)
Shawn McLeod, Analytical Mechanics Associates (AMA)
Kim Martin (Northrop Grumman Technical Services)
TFAWS2017-PT-03 Thermochromic Variable Emittance Radiation Coatings for Spacecraft Thermal Management
Sydney Taylor, Liping Wang (Arizona State University)
TFAWS2017-PT-04 Thermal and Fluid Analysis of the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM)
R. Scott Miskovish, Howard Matt (ATA Engineering, Inc.)
Grant Williams (GWilliams Engineering)
Uy Duong, Lisa Thomas (Bigelow Aerospace)
TFAWS2017-PT-05 Thermal and Fluid Analysis and Design of the Nanoracks Airlock® MODULE
D. Shindich, R. S. Miskovish, H. Matt (ATA Engineering, Inc.)
B. Howe, M. Rowley (NanoRacks LLC)
TFAWS2017-PT-06 Origami Tessellations as Variable Radiative Heat Transfer Devices
Rydge B. Mulford, Matthew R. Jones, Brian D. Iverson (Brigham Young University)
TFAWS2017-PT-07 Cryogenic Multi-layered Insulation Seam Studies and Experiments
Justin P. Elchert, Wesley L. Johnson (NASA GRC)
TFAWS2017-PT-08 Lessons Learned from SAGE III on ISS Thermal Vacuum Testing
Kaitlin Liles, Ruth Amundsen, Warren Davis (NASA LaRC)

Aerothermal Paper Sessions

Session Chairs: 
Chris Morris, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Jacob Roth, NASA Kennedy Space Center

TFAWS2017-AE-05 High-Order Shock-Fitting Solvers and Numerical Simulations of Hypersonic Non-Equilibrium Flows
Xiaowen Wang, Ph.D. (The University of Alabama)
TFAWS2017-AE-06 Optical Diagnostic Imaging of Multi-Rocket Plume-Induced Base Flow Environments
Manish Mehta, Darrell Gaddy (NASA-MSFC)
Paul M. Danehy, Jennifer A. Inman, Ross A Burns (NASA-LaRC)
Ron Parker, Aaron T. Dufrene (CUBRC Inc.)
TFAWS2017-AE-08 Plume Induced Aerodynamic and Heating Models for the Low Density Supersonic Decelerator Test Vehicle
Brandon L. Mobley (NASA MSFC)
Sheldon D. Smith (Plumetech)
John Van Norman, Suman Muppidi (Analytical Mechanics Associates)
Ian Clark (NASA-JPL)

TFAWS2017-AE-09 Paper
Evaluating the Performance an Improved Finite Volume Method for Solving the Fluid Dynamic Equations
Frederick Ferguson, Julio Mendez, David Dodoo-Amoo Mookesh Dhanasar (North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro)

TFAWS2017-AE-10 Paper

Physics Based Validation of an Improved Numerical Technique for Solving Thermal Fluid Related Problems
Julio Mendez, David Dodoo-Amoo, Mookesh Dhanasar Frederick Ferguson (North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro)

Interdisciplinary Paper Sessions

Session Chairs:
Chris Kostyk, Armstrong Flight Research Center
Tim Risch, Armstrong Flight Research Center


TFAWS2017-IN-01 Paper

A System Level Mass and Energy Calculation for a Temperature Swing Adsorption Pump used for In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) on Mars
Hashmatullah Hasseeb, Anthony C. Iannetti (NASA-GRC)
TFAWS2017-IN-02 Modeling a Packed Bed Reactor Utilizing the Sabatier Process
Malay G. Shah, Anne J. Meier, Paul E. Hintze (NASA-KSC)
TFAWS2017-IN-03 Correlation and Reduction of Space Thermal Mathematical Models
Ignacio Torralbo, Javier Piqueras, Isabel Perez-Grande, Angel Sanz-Andres (IDR/UPM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
TFAWS2017-IN-04 Unlock the Power of Your ROM
Derek Hengeveld, PhD, PE (LoadPath)
TFAWS2017-IN-05 Thermal Analysis of an Active Heat Exchanger System for Energy Extraction from Oceanic Crust
Arundhuti Banerjee, Tanusree Chakraborty (Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi)
TFAWS2017-IN-06 Small Satellite Solar Thermal Propulsion System Design: Initial Thermal Analysis
Mookesh Dhanasar, William Edmonson, Frederick Ferguson, Leonard Uitenham (North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro)
Isaiah Blankson (NASA-GRC)
TFAWS2017-IN-09 Thermal Conductance Measurement and Flexibility Enhancement of Flexible Thermal Links
Matt Felt, Matt Sinfield, Brian Thompson, Matt Munns (Utah State University)
TFAWS2017-IN-10 Interdependence of Length, Diameter and Strain States on the Thermal Transport Property of Nanostructures
Sushan Nakarmi, Vinu Unnikrishnan (The University of Alabama)
TFAWS2017-IN-11 Effect of Solar Specularity and Ray-Tracing Modeling in NX Thermal Solver on Thermal Analysis of SWOT Mission
Lina L. Maricic (ATA Engineering, Inc.)
Louis A. Tse (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology)
TFAWS2017-IN-12 Co-Simulation Modelling of a Medium Sized Thermal Vacuum Facility for Test Feasibility Studies
Matthew Vaughan (European Space Agency)
TFAWS2017-IN-13 Interactive LUROVA™ Thermal Model for the STEM Simulation Game
Ron Creel