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TFAWS 2016 Proceedings

Short Courses

Aerothermal Ground Testing: How, Where and Why?
Karen Berger, NASA Langley Research Center

Spacecraft Thermal Vacuum Test – A Point In Time
Eric Grob, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Common Thermal Modeling Mistakes Part 1; Part 2
Ruth Amundsen, NASA Langley Research Center

Short Course on Lithium-on Batteries: Fundamental Concepts, Heating Mechanisms and Simulation Techniques
William Walker, NASA Johnson Space Center

Introduction to Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4
Steve Rickman, NASA Engineering and Safety Center

Two Phase Flow, Boiling and Condensation
Dr. Henry Nahra, NASA Glenn Research Center

Lunch Speaker Presentations

A Mechanically Deployable Entry System Development for Human Mars and Robotic Science Missions
Ethiraj Venkatapathy, Chief Technologist, Entry System and Technology Division, NASA Ames Research Center

A Pathway to Innovation
Daniel J. Rasky, PhD, Chief, Space Portal Office, Partnerships Directorate, NASA Ames Research Center

Active Thermal Paper Sessions

Session Chairs: 
Ryan Edwards, NASA Glenn Research Center
A.J. Mastropietro, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Active Thermal Paper Session I

TFAWS2016-AT-15 The Effect of Gravity on Single Vapor Elongated Bubbles
Scammell, Alex; Kim, Jungho
TFAWS2016-AT-01 Thermo-Fluid Modeling of the Pressurization and Draining of a 1000 Gallon Cryogenic Tank with GFSSP
LeClair, Andre; Majumdar, Alok
TFAWS2016-AT-02 Coolant Refill of the Photovoltaic Thermal Control System on the International Space Station
Cowan, Darnell
TFAWS2016-AT-03 Modeling the Rapid Boil-off of a Cryogenic Liquid When Injected into a Low Pressure Cavity
Lira, Eric
TFAWS2016-AT-04 System Trade-off Analysis of Two-Phase Mechanically Pumped Fluid Loop for Thermal Control of Future Deep Space Missions
Sakamoto, Kenichi; Daimaru, Takurou; Nagai, Hiroki; Cappucci, Stefano; Bhandari, Pradeep; Furst, Benjamin; Sunada, Eric
TFAWS2016-AT-05 Development of a Pumped Two-Phase System for Spacecraft Thermal Control
Ellis, Michael; Kurwitz, Richard
TFAWS2016-AT-08 Using 1D Thermodynamic and Heat Transfer Equations to Quickly and Accurately Model Tank Pressurization
Gilligan, Ryan; Tomsik, Thomas

Active Thermal Paper Session II

TFAWS2016-AT-09 Summary and Status of 5 Mechanical Pumped Fluid Loop (MPFL) Projects Currently in Process at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for the Planned Europa Mission, Mars 2020, Ecosystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station (ECOSTRESS), Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-3), and Cold Atom Lab (CAL)
Mastropietro, A.J., et al.
TFAWS2016-AT-10 CFD Flow Analysis and Resizing Studies for the Evaporator of the ISS Urine Processor Assembly
Evans, Christopher
TFAWS2016-AT-16 Water Phase Change Heat Exchanger System Level Analysis for Low Lunar Orbit
Ungar, Eugene; Navarro, Moses; Hansen, Scott; Sheth, Rubik
TFAWS2016-AT-13 Design of High Performance Gas-to-Fluid Heat Exchangers using Shape and Topology Optimization
Bacellar, Daniel; Aute, Vikrant; Huang, Zhiwei; Radermacher, Reinhard
TFAWS2016-AT-14 Modeling of Gaseous Oxygen Liquefaction Inside Mars Ascent Vehicle Propellant Tank
Wang, Xiao-Yen; Plachta, David

Passive Thermal and Heat Pipes Paper Sessions

Session Chairs: 
William Walker, NASA Johnson Space Center
Ruwan Somawardhana, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Passive Thermal Paper Session

TFAWS2016-PT-01 Thermally Enhanced Card Retainers for Aerospace Electronics Systems
Flannery, Matt; Schmidt, James; Weyant, Jens; Thorson, Kevin
TFAWS2016-PT-02 Applications for Phase Change Material (PCM) Heat Sinks
Anderson, William; Ritt, Pete; Tarau, Calin; Weyant, Jens
TFAWS2016-PT-03 Temporary Thermocouple Attachment for Thermal/Vacuum Testing at Non-Extreme Temperatures
Ungar, Eugene; Wright, Sarah
TFAWS2016-PT-08 Advanced Features of Thermal Desktop®/SINDAFLUINT: Interface with Matlab and Using SpaceClaim For Complex Geometries
Wang, Xiao-Yen; Fabanich, William
TFAWS2016-PT-09 TNSolver: An Open Source Thermal Network Solver for Octave or MATLAB
Cochran, Robert
TFAWS2016-PT-10 Cryogenic Tank Pressurization and Liquefaction System Modeling in Thermal Desktop
Desai, Pooja

Heat Pipes Paper Session

TFAWS2016-HP-01 An Advanced Loop Heat Pipe for Cryogenic Applications
Ku, Jentung; Hoang, Triem
TFAWS2016-HP-02 Hybrid Variable Conductance Heat Pipe and HiK™ Plates – Advanced Passive Thermal Experiment
Ababneh, Mohammed; Tarau, Calin; Anderson, William; Farmer, Jeffery; Alvarez-Hernandez, Angel
TFAWS2016-HP-03 High Temperature Water-Titanium Heat Pipe Radiators for the Kilopower Fission Power System
Anderson, William; Ababneh, Mohammed; Beard, Derek; Tarau, Calin
TFAWS2016-HP-04 Alkali Metal Heat Pipes for the Kilopower Nuclear Reactor
Beard, Derek; Tarau, Calin; Anderson, William
Development of a Low-Cost Water Heat Pipe Radiator for Fission Surface Power
Tarau, Calin; Maxwell, Taylor; Anderson, William; Wagner, Corey; Wrosch, Matthew
TFAWS2016-HP-07 Thermal Modeling and Test Correlation for SWOT Loop Heat Pipe
Shea, Evan

ITAR (Aerothermal) Paper Sessions

Session Chair: 
Joshua Fody, NASA Langley Research Center

TFAWS2016-AE-02* A System Level CFD Effluent Analysis of a Small-Cell Lithium Ion Battery Thermal Runaway Process for the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (Orion)
Ianetti, Anthony
*This paper is designated as ITAR/Export Controlled.  Only U.S. Government Civil Servants and On-Site Contractors are permitted to access TFAWS2016-AE-02. To obtain a copy of this paper, please contact Monica Guzik.

Interdisciplinary Paper Session

Session Chairs: 
Timothy Risch, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center 
Eric Lira, NASA Kennedy Space Center

Interdisciplinary Paper Session I

TFAWS2016-I-10 Thermal Design, Tvac Testing, and Lessons Learned for Critical GSE of ATLAS and the ICESat-2 Mission
Bradshaw, Heather
TFAWS2016-I-12 Computational Tools for Modeling Chemical Degradation in Extreme Environments
Rokkam, Srujan; Lawson, John; Cross, Peter; Burns, Richard
TFAWS2016-I-13 Multiphysics-based Damage Modeling and Crack Propagation using Meshless Peridynamics Approach
Rokkam, Srujan; Gunzburger, Max
TFAWS2016-I-14 Manufacturing Simulation Incorporating Phase Transformations
Wertheimer, Ted; Schafstall, Hendrik
TFAWS2016-I-15** New Understanding of Energy Distributions Exhibited during Thermal Runaway of Commercial Lithium Ion Batteries used for Human Spaceflight Applications
Yayathi, Sandeep; Walker, William; Doughty, Daniel; Ardebili, Haleh
**This paper is not available for public release.
TFAWS2016-I-16 Review of Lessons Learned from RaD-X High Altitude Balloon Flight in September 2015
Stavely, Rebecca

Interdisciplinary Paper Session II

TFAWS2016-I-01 Hydrodynamic Pressure Generated in Lubricant Film around Low-Friction Shaftless Reaction Wheel
Ramjatan, Sahadeo; Yew, Alvin
TFAWS2016-I-02 Application of Active Heat Exchanger Systems for Energy Extraction from Oceanic Crust
Banerjee, Arundhuti; Chakraborty, Tanusree; Matsagar, Vasant
TFAWS2016-I-04 Lessons Learned on the Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System
Garrison, Matt; Patel, Deepak; Bradshaw, Heather; Robinson, Frank; Neuberger, Dave
TFAWS2016-I-05 Paper
Reduced-Order Modeling for Rapid Thermal Analysis and Evaluation of Spacecraft
Hengeveld, Derek
TFAWS2016-I-06 Modeling the World’s Worst Performing yet Most Popular Heat Engine
Cullimore, Brent; Bell, Douglas
TFAWS2016-I-07 Verification of Curved Elements for Thermal Analysis
Bell, Douglas; Panczak, Tim

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