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TFAWS 2018 Proceedings

Active Thermal and Fluids Paper Session

Session Chairs:
Brian Motil, NASA Glenn Research Center
Ryan Edwards, NASA Glenn Research Center

TFAWS18-AT-01 Ammonia Vent of the External Thermal Control System (EATCS) Radiator #3 Flow Path #2 on the International Space Station (ISS)
Darnell Cowan
TFAWS18-AT-02 Numerical and Experimental Investigation of River Hydrokinetic Turbine for Water Pumping Application
Muhammad Muzammil Ejaz, Mohammad Fozan ur Rab, Fahad Qureshi, Muhammad Hassan, and Wajiha Rehman
TFAWS18-AT-03 Demonstration of Copper-Water Heat Pipes and HiK Plates on the International Space Station
Mohammed Ababneh, Calin Tarau, William Anderson, Angel Alvarez-Hernandez, Stephania Ortega, Jeffery Farmer, and Robert Hawkins
TFAWS18-AT-04 Next Generation of High-Heat-Flux Heat Pipes for Space Thermal Control Applications
Mohammed Ababneh, Calin Tarau, William Anderson, and Jesse Fisher
TFAWS18-AT-06 Suppression of Leidenfrost State Using Electrically Induced Interfacial Instabilities
Yi Lu, Vishal Talari, Jiming Bao, Dong Liu
Presentation not publicly available.
TFAWS18-AT-07 Nucleate Boiling Heat Transfer Enhancement with Electrowetting
Aritra Sur, Yi Lu, Carmen Pascente, Paul Ruchhoeft, Vishal Talari, and Dong Liu
TFAWS18-AT-10 Increased Control of Squeeze-Film Performance with Magnetohydrodynamics and Surface Roughness: Theory and Modelling
Jordan Wagner and C. Fred Higgs III
TFAWS18-AT-11 Photovoltaic Thermal Control System Flow Control Valve Actuator Duty Cycle after Addition of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Matthew Jurick, Garry Livesay, and Keyla Robles
TFAWS18-AT-12 A Volume of Fluid Based Numerical Algorithm for Simulating Multiphase Incompressible Flows with Large Density Discontinuities
Joshua Wagner and C. Fred Higgs III
TFAWS18-AT-14 Thermal and Hydraulic Analysis of Europa Clipper Heat Rejection System Thermal Control Valves
Razmig Kandilian, Pradeep Bhandari, and Arthur Mastropietro
TFAWS18-AT-15 Mitigation of Orion Ammonia Boiler Outlet Coolant Thermal Stratification
Eugene Ungar and Lauren Foley
TFAWS18-AT-17 Thermal Modeling of Zero Boil Off Tank Experiment
Erin Tesny and Daniel Hauser
TFAWS18-AT-19 Overview and Analysis of the Europa Clipper Thermal Control System
Christopher Bertagne, Pradeep Bhandari, Jenny Hua, Raymond Lee, Arthur Mastropietro, Hared Ochoa, Anthony Paris, and Bruce Williams
Presentation not publicly available.
TFAWS18-AT-20 Modeling and Characterization of Shape Memory Alloy-Based Morphing Radiators
Christopher Bertagne
Presentation not publicly available.
TFAWS18-AT-22 Heat Transfer Augmentation via In-Situ Nanofluids Synthesis and Regenerative Nanofin Coatings
Brandon Dooley and Debjyoti Banerjee
Presentation not publicly available.

Aerothermal and Cryothermal Combined Paper Session

Session Chair:
Monica Guzik, NASA Glenn Research Center

TFAWS18-AE-01 The Design and Aero Thermodynamic Analysis of Inversely Derived Scramjet Configurations
Frederick Ferguson, Dehua Feng, and Julio Mendez
TFAWS18-CT-01 CO2 Cryofreezer Coldhead and Cycle Design Insights for Mars ISRU
Jared Berg and Malay Shah
TFAWS18-CT-02 Cryogenic thermophysical properties measurements of materials at the cryogenics and fluids branch, Goddard Space Flight Center
Amir E. Jahromi, James G. Tuttle, Edgar R. Canavan
TFAWS18-CT-04 Numerical Modeling of Thermal Stratification in Cryogenic Propellant Tanks
Xiao-Yen Wang, Jonathan Harrison, Andy Noonan, Pooja Desai
TFAWS18-CT-05 Cryogenic Multilayer Insulation Theory and an Analysis of Seams under a Variety of Assumptions
Justin Elchert
TFAWS18-CT-06 Development of a 50 mK – 10 K flight-worthy vibration-free Continuous Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator
Amir E. Jahromi
TFAWS18-CT-07 Vehicle-Level Oxygen/Methane Propulsion System Hot-Fire Testing at Thermal Vacuum Conditions
Robert L. Morehead, John C. Melcher, Matthew J. Atwell, Eric A. Hurlbert, Pooja Desai, Rudy Werlink
TFAWS18-CT-08 Characterization of a Pressure-Fed Liquid Oxygen/Liquid Methane Reaction Control System Under Simulated Altitude and Thermal Vacuum Conditions
Matthew J. Atwell, John C. Melcher, Eric A. Hurlbert, Robert L. Morehead

ITAR Paper Session

Session Chair:
Christopher Massina, NASA Johnson Space Center

TFAWS18-ITAR-03 Modeling on Clearing Liquid Blockage in the Helium Pressure Line of a Propellant Tank
Xiao-Yen Wang
Presentation not publicly available.

Interdisciplinary Paper Session

Session Chairs:
Brian Motil, NASA Glenn Research Center
Ryan Edwards, NASA Glenn Research Center

TFAWS18-IN-01 Thermal Fluid Model Development of Steam Methane Reformer using Artificial Neural Network
M. A. Rafe Biwas and Kamwana Mwara
TFAWS18-IN-05 Integrated Thermal Vacuum Testing of the Solar Array Cooling System for Parker Solar Probe
Carl Ercol, Elisabeth Abel, Allan Holtzman, and Eric Wallis
TFAWS18-IN-06 Proof of Concept Design and Analysis of Heat Reutilization of a Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell for Oxygen Supply on Mars
Samuel Ogletree, Shan Mohammed, and M. A. Rafe Biswas
TFAWS18-IN-07 Automatic creation of reduced-order models using Thermal Desktop
Derek Hengeveld
TFAWS18-IN-08 Measurement of the Effective Radial Thermal Conductivities of 18650 and 26650 Lithium-Ion Battery Cells
Harsh Bhundiya, Melany Hunt, and Bruce Drolen
TFAWS18-IN-09 Numerical and Theoretical Investigations of Compressible Boundary Layers
Frederick Ferguson, Tasmin Hossain, and Julio Mendez
TFAWS18-IN-11 Temperature Controller Design of a High Temperature Ceramic Transport Membrane System for Oxygen Production using a Lumped Thermal Modeling Approach
Kevin Fuentes, Samuel Ogltree, Shan Mohammed and M. A. Rafe Biswas
TFAWS18-IN-12 Modeling a Rapid Cycle Adsorption Pump for CO2 Compression
Lisa Erickson and Anthony Iannetti
TFAWS18-IN-14 Two-Phase Flow System Design Status of the Flow Boiling and Condensation Experiment (FBCE)
Jesse deFiebre and Monica Guzik
TFAWS18-IN-15 Modeling Multi-Parameters Radiation in Porous Metal Via Machine Learning
Hyun Hee Kang and Shima Hajimirza
TFAWS18-IN-16 Validating Electrochemical, Thermal, and Fluidic Performance of a PEM Fuel Cell System Using GT SUITE
Ryan Gilligan, Monica Guzik, Ian Jakupca, and Phillip Smith
TFAWS18-IN-17 Thermal Modeling and Correlation of the Space Environments complex Vacuum Chamber and Cryoshroud
Erik Stalcup
TFAWS18-IN-18 Candidate Benchmark Problems for Active and Passive Thermal Software
Douglas Bell
TFAWS18-IN-20 Experimental Study of the Effects of Xenon Plasma Erosion on Spacecraft Thermal Control Surfaces
Evan Racine
TFAWS18-IN-21 Characterization of a 50kW Inductively Coupled Plasma Torch for Testing of Ablative Thermal Protection Material
Benton Greene, Noel Clemens, Philip Varghese, Stanley Bouslog, and Steven Del Papa

Passive Thermal Paper Session

Session Chairs:
Ruth Amundsen, NASA Langley Research Center

TFAWS18-PT-01 Influence of Lunar Rover on Lunar Surface Temperature
Christopher Pye, Jean-Frederic Ruel, and Josh Newman
TFAWS18-PT-03 Analysis of On-Orbit Thermal Performance of the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM)
Zaida Hernandez
TFAWS18-PT-04 LHP Wick Fabrication via Additive Manufacturing
Bradley Richard
TFAWS18-PT-05 Constant Conductance Heat Pipe Modeling in Siemens Simcenter and Correlation with JPL SWOT Mission Two-Phase Testbed
Lina Maricic, Louis Tse, and Ruwan Somawardhana
TFAWS18-PT-06 MLI Blanket Performance: Analytical Predictions and Quantitative Trends Measured in Testing
Tyler Schmidt, Pradeep Bhandari, and Hared Ochoa
TFAWS18-PT-07 A Review of SAGE III on ISS Flight Thermal Data
Kaitlin Liles, Ruth Amundsen, and Warren Davis
TFAWS18-PT-08 International Space Station Passive Thermal Control System, Top Ten Lessons-Learned
John Iovine
TFAWS18-PT-10 Thermal Systems Modeling of a Variable Emittance Coating for Human Spacecraft Applications
Sydney Taylor, Christopher Massina, and Liping Wang
TFAWS18-PT-11 Infrared Microscopy-Based Thermal Characterization of Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes
Rajath Kantharaj, Yexin Sun, and Amy Marconnet
TFAWS18-PT-12 Assessment of the Mars Helicopter Thermal Design Sensitivities Using the Veritrek Software
Stefano Cappucci, Michael T. Pauken, Jacob Moulton, and Derek Hengeveld
TFAWS18-PT-13 Thermal Analysis and Design of an S-Band Helical Antenna for LEO Satellites
Sonia Botta, Nahuel Castello, Juan Andres Breme, and Cristobal Gerez
TFAWS18-PT-14 Characterization of Radiation Heat Transfer in High Temperature Structural Test Fixtures
Larry Hudson, Gus Kendrick, Jessica Kenny, Chris Kostyk, Shelby Pfeifer, Tim Risch, and Megan Waller
TFAWS18-PT-16 Verification of the In-House Developed Simulator Software for Communication Satellite
Anil Aksu and Hilmi Sundu
TFAWS18-PT-17 Thermal Design, Analysis, and Thermal Vacuum Testing of a 3U CubeSat, CeREs
Sergio Guerrero
TFAWS18-PT-18 Optimization of Thin-Film Solar Cells for Lunar Surface Operations
William Johnson
TFAWS18-PT-18 Paper
TFAWS18-PT-19 Thermal Analysis of Propulsion Components for Europa Clipper Mission
Heather Bradshaw
TFAWS18-PT-20 Transient Heater Analysis for Orion Thermal Vacuum Testing
Jarred Wilhite and Eric Stalcup

In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Technical Interchange Meeting

18-ISRU-1 1_ISRU Project Overview for TFAWS 2018
Current Activities in the NASA ISRU Project

Landon Moore
18-ISRU-2 2_ISRU Soil Water Extraction for TFAWS 2018
ISRU Soil Water Extraction: Thermal Challenges
Julie Kleinhenz
18-ISRU-3 3_ISRU CO2 Freezer for TFAWS 2018
CO2 Freezer Testing
Malay Shah
18-ISRU-4 4_ISRU RCAP Thermal Integration for TFAWS 2018
Overview of the RCAP Presented at the ISRU Thermal Integration Meeting
Anthony Iannetti
18-ISRU-5 5_ISRU Sabatier Reactor for TFAWS 2018
Sabatier Subsystem Thermal Management
Paul Hintze and Hector Guardado
18-ISRU-6 6_ISRU Water Capture from Soil for TFAWS 2018
Water Capture from Soil
Aaron Paz
18-ISRU-7 7_ISRU SOE Technical Debrief for TFAWS 2018
Solid Oxide CO2 Electrolysis Technical Overview
Koorosh Araghi
18-ISRU-8 8_ISRU Liquefaction for TFAWS 2018
In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Liquefaction Overview
Pooja Desai
18-ISRU-9 9_ISRU Thermal System Modeling for TFAWS 2018
Determining Thermal Management Requirements for an ISRU Plant using a Reduced Order Model
Lisa Erickson